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Hewitt Trussville High School

Hewitt-Trussville High School has a compelling history. In 1869, the Trussville Academy was founded by Dr. Robert Greene Hewitt; the name of the school was changed to R. G. Hewitt School in 1925. In the fall of 1938, the new Parkway Drive school building opened in Trussville’s Cahaba Project, and this building, originally named Hewitt High School, housed grades 10-12.

In December of 1983, Hewitt-Trussville High School on Parkway Drive closed and reopened in January of 1984 in a new building off what is now called Trussville-Clay Road (currently Hewitt-Trussville Middle School). The Parkway Drive school building was renovated and served as Hewitt Middle School for many years. The Parkway Drive building is currently being renovated and remodeled to become a new elementary school for the community.

Due to a population increase in the eastern portion of Jefferson County in the early nineties, over-crowding at Hewitt-Trussville High soon became a problem. When Clay-Chalkville High School opened, it was only a temporary solution, as a population explosion within the city of Trussville would warrant the need for a larger high school building about a decade later.

The schools of Trussville were a part of the Jefferson County school system, and our test scores and achievements were consistently among the system’s highest. The importance of education to our community was very apparent. On July 1, 2005, Trussville officially separated from the Jefferson County system with the foundation of its own school system, known as Trussville City Schools.  Rapid growth within Trussville resulted in the need for a new high school building; therefore, HTHS moved into a beautiful facility alongside the Cahaba River on Husky Parkway in October 2008. Trussville City Schools recently celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2015.

As Dr. Hewitt was the initial founder of the first school in Trussville, our school still proudly bears his name. Many students, teachers, and community members affectionately refer to our schools as Hewitt, and we are known as the Hewitt Huskies. The school colors of red, white, and gray, along with the block HT logo, are traditional, historical elements important to our school and community.