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Boys Basketball

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Hewitt-Trussville Boys Basketball

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Mission Statement

To develop players into confident young men by providing a positive meaningful athletic experience. Players will grow physically, mentally, and emotionally by committing to a basketball program that practices selflessness, ownership, accountability, and sportsmanship. Meaningful lifelong relationships will be the result of the commitment and dedication all participants (coaches, players, managers, alumni, youth players, etc.) have to one another.


Program Philosophy

The Hewitt Trussville Basketball Program is intended to be a positive experience for each and every player who participates. Our philosophy is based on providing a high quality, competitive, hardworking, and character driven program. At all levels of play the goal is to develop a team that is both competitive and exemplifies the qualities that are presented in our mission statement. “Team” will always come first over the individual and each player will be responsible to exhibit this quality in all facets of their life. We all want what is best for our student athletes. The only thing that we, as a staff, can promise you is that we will work as hard as we can to help our players succeed. Playing time and roles on the team are based on effort, skill, team play, practice habits, attitude, and performance. Playing time is not guaranteed to any player. Some players will not receive as much playing time as others and in some games a team member may not play at all. We as a coaching staff believe that there are many rewards that come from being part of a team. They include the improvement that comes from every day effort, the friendships made, and the lessons learned by being committed to something greater than one’s self. These benefits far outweigh the game time played. Success is earned through commitment to team play. Every player will have a role on the team that will be specifically spelled out to him. Roles may change throughout the season. No role is less important than another. The success of our team as a whole, and the success of our players individually will be based on how well each player performs their specific role.