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Leadership Team  

Thank you so much to everyone who applied for the leadership team. Every person who interviewed did an outstanding job and would be a great team member. We would love to have you all, but unfortunately we cannot have that many on the team. The selection committee really struggled this year to narrow the applicants down to a reasonable number. The committee considered several factors in addition to the application and interview process, such as grade level, gender, diversity, activities, and faculty/administration recommendations.

We are so proud and grateful that you all have a passion to serve as leaders. It brings great joy to know that the retreat had a positive impact on you. Our hope is that whether or not you were selected to be on the team, you will have a positive attitude and continue to use what you gained at the retreat to serve as leaders and influence others. We know you are all capable of making an impact in so many areas over the next school year. What a blessing to have such great student leaders!  


HTHS Student Leadership Team Selection Committee


                           2018-19 Student Leadership Team

Birdwell, Brody

Bishop, Jacob

Bledsoe, Cameron

Caraway, Kathleen

Edmondson, Gracey

Edwards, Christopher

Ellis, Aliyah

Ennis, Davis

Fagan, Anna Virginia

Flebotte, Anna

Gardner, Tucker

Hutchens, Kelsey

Jones, Preston

Kerns, Anna

Lamons, Jackson

Margolies, Joseph

Mavin, Rebekah

Sandford, Austin

Shelnutt, Stone

Simmons, Emily

Stoehr, Sydney

Suhr, Emily

Taylor, Myles

Tolbert, Taylor

Toves, Emma

Vo, Quyen

Voltz, Susanne

Warren, Emily